Vaping a Bong or Smoking a Bong Which Way is Right?

There are a few surprising differences between smoking and vaping cannabis.

Each user has his or her own preferred method of using cannabis, whether it is vaping or smoking. But not all of them realize what the main differences between these methods are.

A lot of people get the terms vaping and smoking confused, especially when it comes to using a bong. Today we’ll try to clear things up a bit, by reviewing the correct terminology and physical processes behind smoking and vaping in relation to bongs.

Although there are many who use both vaping and smoking in correlation with bongs, let’s have a look at the main difference between those two so we can clear things up once and for all.

What’s the Difference between Vaping and Smoking?

Even though combustion is still the number one most popular method of consuming cannabis, research shows that cannabis smoke can actually damage the airways in the lungs.

That’s why more and more people are opting for low-temperature vaporization instead. Using a vaporizer or the best vape pen you can find, is always a safer alternative to smoking, which is why some companies are even developing vaping attachments for bongs, making the experience a safer and more pleasant one.

With vaping, you are being more efficient and economic with your cannabis use.

Smoking, on the other hand, has a very low efficiency rate, can potentially expose you to dangerous toxic compounds and can irritate your lungs.

Vaporization not only allows you to reduce the negative health effects and risks of smoking but it also provides you more control over your cannabis experience.

Here are some of the main benefits of vaping:

  • Vaporization eliminates the harshness caused by heat
  • You can vape in lower temperatures
  • You can choose your own temperature
  • Vaporization is a safer alternative to smoking
  • You’re wasting less cannabis
  • Fewer potential carcinogens present

What Is The Correct Way Of Saying It? Vaping or Smoking a Bong?

Although there are some really cool new consumption methods for bongs, which include a new attachment that lets you vape through your bong, if you’re using your bong without this attachment that means that you are smoking a bong.

This is because when using a bong, the combustion process is still present, unlike with vaping, therefore we use the term smoking in correlation with bongs.

What Happens Inside a Bong vs a Vaporizer? What Are The Main Differences?

Although the best method of consuming cannabis depends mainly on your preferences, practices and a few other factors, like price, health, strength and so on, there are some practices that are undoubtedly better than the rest.

Let’s have a look at some of those processes and compare their strong and weak sides by taking a look at what happens inside a bong and a vaporizer as an example.

How Does a Bong Work?

The chamber of the bong catches and channels the smoke, while also holding the water. The mouthpiece hole is located on the top. On classic bongs, you also have a carb or clutch hole which is an air inlet to flush the smoke to the mouth. But this is not for every bong.

The downstem is the main inlet pipe that directs smoke into the chamber. It holds the glass bowl, where you put your flower in while it gets burnt and smoked.

Bongs are definitely a better option than rolling, as there is a lot of filtration that’s happening and it also gives you control over the amounts you’re using.

Here’s what happens inside:

  • You light up the bong
  • Upon torching the weed, smoke is released
  • You inhale it through the mouthpiece
  • The smoke goes from the bowl into the chamber
  • The bubbles in the water draw the smoke into the chamber
  • When you pull the bowl you inhale the smoke into your lungs and take a big rip

How Does a Vaporizer Work?

The main components of a simple vaporizer include a battery, an atomizer for heating up whatever it is you’re smoking, a bowl to load your herb onto it and a mouthpiece.

Depending on the vaporizer, there are two main ways in which a vaporizer heats your oils or dry herb, which include: conduction and convection.

The difference between these two processes is that conduction transverses the heat of energy through direct contact while convection means moving the hot air in and around the material.

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